Advertising with USC Transportation is a proven-effective way to reach your intended audience!  Whether you’re trying to reach a captive audience on one of USC’s Buses or have a digital message for people exiting the campus, we can help get your message across.

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Bus Advertising Details

Are you looking for a targeted communication tool to better reach University of Southern California faculty, staff, students and visitors? Whether you need to promote an event, a program or service, advertising with MSSmedia is a great way to successfully spread your advertising message to the masses, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can’t ignore. MSSmedia now provides brands and businesses alike with the opportunity to effectively communicate a message with our tailor made media packages. With both bus fleet advertising and outdoor bus shelter signage opportunities, we deliver the reach and frequency you need to effectively capture the USC audience.

Benefits of Interior Bus Advertisements

  • Tailored to Specific Audience – By advertising with interior bus cards, you can design your ad to specifically fit the attitudes and needs of your target audience. In this case USC students, faculty, staff, and guests!
  • Build and Maintain Awareness – Interior bus advertisements not only inform people about your product, but also complement and reinforce your overall advertisement program through the longevity and constant exposure of your advertisement.
  • Captive Audience – the average travel time for a passenger on our buses is approximately 5 to 30 minutes making advertising inside buses perfect for direct response campaigns. Passengers are out of their homes, offices, or classes and are ready to respond.

If you are interested in advertising opportunities on USCBuses, please contact MSSmedia at: 800.988.7657 or